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Opting out of "Review Culture"

As many of you know, review boards across the country have been falling prey to increasing legal attacks as law enforcement bolsters their coffers by capitalizing upon the hysteria over “Sex Trafficking” and “Slavery”.  In January of this year, the “hunt” hit close to home as The Review Board and K-Girls in Seattle were taken down.

As part of these take-downs, a handful of gentlemen were charged with felony Promotion of Prostitution. The evidence presented against them was their own words; their fantasy reviews posted on TRB. Whether or not this “evidence” will be enough to make felony charges stick has yet to be seen. Several of the accused have taken plea deals rather than face prosecution in the media spotlight.

Safety and confidentiality have always been of utmost importance to me. I avoid undue risk as much as I can.  I have maintained a stringent screening process, have strict etiquette requirements, and have refused to advertise a so-called “menu”; instead providing companionship to only the most respectful gentlemen.  

I care about those that I choose to spend my time and emotional energy on.  I would be heartbroken if a friend of mine were to face felony charges over words he wrote with the intent to please me.  As such, I no longer wish to participate in fantasy reviews.  If anyone that has previously written a fantasy review of me wishes to have it removed, I will fully support the action and assist in any way I can.  I will not publicly acknowledge any such writings going forward.  

If a gentleman wishes to leave a testimonial here on my website instead, I would appreciate it. The difference being that a testimonial does not include any sort of template (menu checklist) like the review boards use. It is simply

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I do prefer email for communication*. All email comes to my phone, so there is not added delay in reaching me this way. When I receive PM’s through boards I have to log into that board to respond; which from my phone can be inconvenient and even frustrating.   

 All inappropriate or explicit messages will be ignored (including questions about menus or services).  Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.

* I really prefer text messaging.  But I understand that not all of my friends are able to text.  I do not answer unknown numbers.  If you wish to use text messaging for communication with me, please contact me via email. Once we have completed the screening, I will add your number to my phone book. 

Meeting me in public:

When we meet in public, whether it is the first time for our initial Meet & Greet, or we have an existing relationship, please greet me as though we know each other already.  I prefer to greet with a hug like old friends, but if you are not comfortable with that, a smile and a handshake are fine.  If you are providing your donation at this time, please place it in a greeting card, book or other inconspicuous item to hand me. 

What to expect at my incall:

*I will give you directions to my apartment complex. When you arrive, park on the street and contact me using the agreed upon method.  I will meet you at the end of my driveway so you aren't having to find your way to my door alone.  Please do not arrive early. Please do not loiter in my neighborhood after our appointment.  Please enter and leave my apartment & complex quietly.

*I will lead you into my private area and give you a quick

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Do you drink or smoke?

I do not smoke (anything).  I do not drink anymore either; but I don't mind if you do in moderation.  I am willing to meet you for a "cocktail" to start our date.  If you arrive to or become intoxicated during our session you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of donation.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I do not currently have any tattoos (although I do have some planned for the future).  I do have both of my ears and my naval pierced.

Why don't you show your face in your photos?

I do not show my face in my photos because confidentiality is very important to me.  When we are out together I do not want to have any of (either of) our civilian associates recognizing me as a professional companion.  I am just the girl next door with a sexy secret...

What if I do not have 2 current provider references?

I do have alternate screening methods available.  Please be prepared to give me some additional information such as: your full-name, phone number, email address, employer name, social media sites and anything else that will help prove that you are who you say you are.  I do not save or share any of your information for any reason once the screening process has been completed. 

Where do I find your menu or list of services?

I provide companionship only.  I do not have a menu or list of services and any inquiries regarding them will be ignored.  Please do not use code words (saying "greek" or "french" is not sneaky, I do not respond to these requests nor offer these "services").  Please use discretion in your correspondence with me.  Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.  

Do you

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