I do prefer email for communication*. All email comes to my phone, so there is not added delay in reaching me this way. When I receive PM’s through boards I have to log into that board to respond; which from my phone can be inconvenient and even frustrating.   

 All inappropriate or explicit messages will be ignored (including questions about menus or services).  Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.

* I really prefer text messaging.  But I understand that not all of my friends are able to text.  I do not answer unknown numbers.  If you wish to use text messaging for communication with me, please contact me via email. Once we have completed the screening, I will add your number to my phone book. 

Meeting me in public:

When we meet in public, whether it is the first time for our initial Meet & Greet, or we have an existing relationship, please greet me as though we know each other already.  I prefer to greet with a hug like old friends, but if you are not comfortable with that, a smile and a handshake are fine.  If you are providing your donation at this time, please place it in a greeting card, book or other inconspicuous item to hand me. 

What to expect at my incall:

*I will give you directions to my apartment complex. When you arrive, park on the street and contact me using the agreed upon method.  I will meet you at the end of my driveway so you aren't having to find your way to my door alone.  Please do not arrive early. Please do not loiter in my neighborhood after our appointment.  Please enter and leave my apartment & complex quietly.

*I will lead you into my private area and give you a quick tour.  I will offer to get you a glass of water.  At this point, please place your donation in view on the coffee table and excuse yourself use the restroom so that I may put the donation away.  You are welcome to shower (encouraged but not required if you are truly fresh) but at a minimum I request that you thoroughly wash your hands.  I do have toiletries available for your convenience.

*Join me again in the living room where we can talk and get more comfortable in each other's company.  I am content with setting the pace of our visit, or if you would prefer, you are welcome to.

*It is rare that it becomes necessary, but I do have a reminder on my phone that will let us know when the end of our time together is approaching.  As our time ends, I will again walk with you to the front door or the end of my driveway, whichever seems most comfortable.

What to expect for outcall:

*I prefer to meet in a public place (coffee shop, bar, lobby, etc.) and retire to the accommodations together. 

*If we are meeting at a location I have arranged: I still prefer to meet in a public place.  But, in the instance that you are meeting me at my room, please do not loiter in the hallway.  Please contact me as you park and I will be waiting for you at the door.  Please knock and enter as quietly as possible. 

*In either instance: please read above regarding greeting me in public. Please leave your donation in an obvious location (in plain view) and excuse yourself to the restroom so I may retrieve it.  Also, please ensure proper hygiene: at minimum, please thoroughly wash your hands.

An authentic experience:

I do my best to provide an authentic experience.  I do not have a "persona" that I play, you get the real me. (Unless of course you request a role-playing session, in which case, I'll be whomever you requested.) I will give you a hug when I meet you in the driveway and again as you leave.  We can spend as much or as little time talking as you would like.  Sometimes people find it relaxing to spend more time talking.  I really enjoy cuddling.  I can accommodate most clothing/looks requests.  I've had people ask for me to wear jeans and little makeup for the girl next door feel or an evening gown with hair and makeup done for a fancy look.