Do you drink or smoke?

I do not smoke (anything).  I do not drink anymore either; but I don't mind if you do in moderation.  I am willing to meet you for a "cocktail" to start our date.  If you arrive to or become intoxicated during our session you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of donation.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I do not currently have any tattoos (although I do have some planned for the future).  I do have both of my ears and my naval pierced.

Why don't you show your face in your photos?

I do not show my face in my photos because confidentiality is very important to me.  When we are out together I do not want to have any of (either of) our civilian associates recognizing me as a professional companion.  I am just the girl next door with a sexy secret...

What if I do not have 2 current provider references?

I do have alternate screening methods available.  Please be prepared to give me some additional information such as: your full-name, phone number, email address, employer name, social media sites and anything else that will help prove that you are who you say you are.  I do not save or share any of your information for any reason once the screening process has been completed. 

Where do I find your menu or list of services?

I provide companionship only.  I do not have a menu or list of services and any inquiries regarding them will be ignored.  Please do not use code words (saying "greek" or "french" is not sneaky, I do not respond to these requests nor offer these "services").  Please use discretion in your correspondence with me.  Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.  

Do you see couples or offer duos?

Absolutely! I love the company of women nearly as much as I love the company of men.  I do require screening for both parties including a Meet & Greet.  If you are interested in a duo and don't have a partner in mind, I have several ladies that I personally enjoy spending time with and can suggest. 

I am awkward with women. Can you help me?

I do offer "Social Time" (rates listed on my rates page).  This can be a great way to get accustomed to the company of a woman.  I am easy to talk to; in my "former life" I was a bartender and spent much of my time conversing with people from all walks of life.  I can play many roles.  If you need a date to a work or social event I would be happy to accompany you. 

Do you accept tips or gifts?

Your time and companionship are all that I ask for.  But I do appreciate tips or gifts.  I have posted links to my DeliveryCode, Adore Me (lingerie) and Amazon Wish Lists on my Links page.  I also accept gift cards: Nordstrom, REI, Hotels.com, Fredericks of Hollywood and if you have any airline miles just lying around I would be more than happy to put them to use. 

Are you on any review or hobby sites?

Yes, my "home" beyond this website is Portland's site The Hobby Hunter (Staci Ash).  I am also a Preferred 411 Member:  P188415, a Slixa girl, and on TNABoard: staciash.  I do not participate in any other review sites as I find them to be salacious and exploitative.  I like to keep intimate details of my encounters and relationships private.  If you happen to find reviews of me on any other site, they are unauthorized and most likely falsified. 

Are you on Social Media?

I am!  I am most active on Twitter and do have a Instagram account.